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Triathlon MIXED TEAM RELAY/トライアスロン・ミックスチームリレー
東京都 パラリンピック選手発掘プログラム
Re: Accident Occurrence during the 2017 Miyazaki National Team Training Camp
News Flash

Former ITU President, Les McDonald, dies at 84 years of age

imagesHonorary President and Founding President of the International Triathlon Union (ITU), Les McDonald, passed away on 4th September. His leadership and incredible dedication brought triathlon to the Olympic Games. Les was such a special person who was an immeasurable compass guiding us along the right way in developing the sport of Triathlon this far in Japan.
We, JTU, express our most sincere condolences.

Support getting Triathlon Mixed Relay into the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games!

imagesIOC Excecutive Board meeting is held on July 9-10, 2017 and IOC will annouce the final program of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
Mixed Team Relay is the innovative triathlon format that most thrilling, energetic and exciting mixed-gender event. The whole Triathlon Family and spectators love to take a part in this event since first introduced to the world in 2009.

JTU Triathlon and Paratriathlon Event Initiative Management Forum

imagesJapan Triathlon Union will host a two-day forum in Tokyo, Japan on 20th-21st June 2017.

Date: Tuesday, 20th June 10:00 - 17:15, Wednesday, 21st June 8:30 - 10:00 Venue: Shinagawa Prince Hotel (34th floor at main tower)

Ai Ueda becomes a member of JOC Athlete Committee

imagesJapan Olympic Committee, JOC, newly established JOC Athlete Committee and six members are elected to the committee by Olympic athletes for a term of four years.
Ai Ueda (Perrier, Green Tower, Bridgestone, Inage Inter) from Triathlon won the election.

WTS age group event was successfully held in Japan

images1674 age group athletes competed in 2017 ITU World Triathlon Series Yokohama on Sunday, 14th May.

14 JTU age ranking champions in 2016 took a part of the event. In the morning, age paratriathlon took place first including Yukako Hata, Keiichi Sato, Atsuko Maruo and Ryu Nakazawa who raced in World Paratriathlon Series yesterday. All of them won the gold medals in their categories.

Mami Tani and Wakako Tsuchida spark in the World Paratriathlon Series Yokohama

images2017 ITU World Paratriathlon Series is held in the venue of Yamashita park in Yokohama today. Mami Tani competed in PTS4 category in Yokoma for the first time since 2013. She wins two gold medals in two weeks after the 2017 Subic Bay ASTC Paratriathlon Asian Championships.


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