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東京都 パラリンピック選手発掘プログラム
JTU Activity Report

Japan Triathlon Union (JTU)

Data: As of 1 October 2012

Address: 6th floor 2nd Eirai Building 1-3-8 Shibuya, Shibuya-Ward Tokyo JAPAN

Telephone: +81-3-5469-5401

FAX: +81-3-5469-5403

E-mail, jtuoffice01@jtu.or.jp,

Website, http://www.jtu.or.jp



Affiliated to (Domestic);

  1. Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC)
  2. Japan Sports Association (JASA)
  3. Japan Sports Association for the Disabled (JSAD)
  4. Japan Paralympic Committee (JPC)
  5. Japan Anti-Doping Agency (JADA)
  6. Japan Sports Arbitration Agency (JSAA)


Affiliated to (International);

  1. International Triathlon Union (ITU)
  2. Asian Triathlon Confederation (ASTC)

Triathlon Championships in 2012

  1. All Japan Men's Age Group Triathlon Championships (June) Amakusa, Kumamoto
  2. All Japan Women's Age Group Triathlon Championships (Sept) Murakami, Niigata
  3. U-15 Junior Triathlon National Championships (July) Kaizu, Gifu
  4. U-18 Junior Triathlon National Championships (July) Kaizu, Gifu
  5. U-23 Triathlon National Championships (June) Sakata, Yamagata
  6. Long Distance Triathlon National Championships (Sept) Sado, Niigata
  7. Triathlon National Championships (Nov) Daiba, Tokyo
  8. National Games 2012, (Sept/ Kaizu, GIfu)


  1. ITU World Triathlon Series, Yokohama (Sept.) Kanagawa
  2. ITU World Cup Ishigaki (April) Okinawa
  3. ITU Continental Cup, Amakusa (June) Kumamoto
  4. ITU Continental Cup, Gamagori (June) Aichi
  5. ITU Continental Cup, Osaka (July)
  6. ITU Continental Cup, Murakami(Sept.) Niigata



  1. Duathlon National Championships
  2. Duathlon Calfman Series


JTU Sanctioned/Cooperative Events

  1. All Japan High-School Triathlon (Sept., Tachikawa, Tokyo)
  2. Junior Triathlon races including Junior Olympic Cup race (Many times)
  3. Supporting more than 250 Local races including Local Championships
  4. Long Distance International Triathlon, Goto Nagasaki (June),
  5. Junior Triathlon Seminars (10 locations from May to Dec)


High Performance Activities in 2012

  1. London Olympics: 3 Women and 2 Men competed
  2. ITU World Triathlon Series Final
  3. Japan Cup Ranking System
  4. Elite, U23, U18, U15 Ranking System
  5. Age Group Ranking System


Activities with related bodies/federations

  1. "Water Safety Project" and "Water Sports Project" in alliance with B&G (Blue Sea and Greenland) foundation establishing at several cities.
  2. Alliance with major athletic gyms "Konami Sports" and "NAS", granting a corporate membership status to JTU members.
  3. Collaboration with the Triathlon Diet Members Federation.


Activities in 2012

  1. Issued "JTU Magazine", distributed to members of 20,000
  2. Periodically updated website "JTU Web Magazine" for news and various information.
  3. Issued annually JTU Members Cards of 2012
  4. Sponsored JTU Junior (U-15) Camp (Aug, Kaizu, Gifu) and National Team Camps
  5. Establishing JTU Triathlon Academy at all around Japan
  6. Demonstration of Triathlon at major Expos at Makuhari, Osaka, and Hiroshima.
  7. Official Time Trials (10 + sites) to give grading and ranking for talented athletes. One of selections for the national team
  8. Finding training sites in and out of Japan for national team.
  9. Improvement of Triathlon rules and officials' training systems,
  10. Nationwide technical officials' examination (Feb)
  11. JTU Coaches' training camps (Jan, Feb)
  12. Inspection, research, approval and production of triathlon gears
  13. JTU official wear, wetsuits, bikes, wheels, helmet, race number bib etc,
  14. Anti-Doping activities in line with JADA/WDA. Advertisement and enlightenment.
  15. Medical, Technical, Environment and Reinforcement Committees' activities for comprehensive development of triathlon from competition level enhancement studies and services
  16. Activities and Supports as a national governing body for the sport of triathlon.
  17. Participating in various meetings of JTU affiliated bodies and federations.
  18. Sending technical officials to Asian Championships, World Cup events.
  19. Cooperation to invite Olympic Games to Tokyo in 2020
  20. Fundraising activities for 2011 Tohoku Great Earthquake and Tsunami
  21. Many other activities related to the sport of triathlon


Meetings in 2012, Japan

  1. JTU Congress; Held in March and June 2012, Tokyo. The Election Congress will be held on March 2013.
  2. JTU Executive Board meetings; March, June, September in Tokyo and Yokohama, 2012
  3. Standing Committee Meetings, Frequently held at JTU Office in Tokyo
  4. ASTC EB Meetings, Tateyama, Chiba, Japan, February and April, 2012
  5. ASTC Congress, Tateyama, Chiba, Japan, April 2012

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