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東京都 パラリンピック選手発掘プログラム

2016 -2018 JTU News

Japan Triathlon National Championships LIVE

The 24th Japan Triathlon National Championships will be held tomorrow at Odaiba, Tokyo. The venue is also where the triathlon/paratriathlon event for Tokyo 2020 will take place.

Notice of Cancelation of 2018 Takamatsu NTT ASTC Sprint Triathlon Asian Cup & Support Takamatsu Triathlon

imagesWe have to inform that 2018 Takamatsu NTT ASTC Sprint Triathlon Asian Cup and Support Takamatsu Triathlon have to cancel with hard decision, which is going to be held on 8th July.
According to the executive committee’s regulation on alarm, swim segment should be cancelled, and due to not to maintaining safety condition, we decided that all races have to cancel. We apologize that we could not held the event and hope to understand why we have to cancel the event.

For elite athletes who are participating in NTT ASTC Takamatsu Triathlon Asian Cup tomorrow,

imagesDue to the heavy rain and the alarm around Shikoku region, there are traffic restrictions in airport, highway and trains etc. As of now, we are in the preparation for the event this weekend. We will give you further information at athletes briefing and will continue post the info here, event website and Twitter.
If you have any questions or inquiries, do not hesitate to send an email to event@jtu.or.jp

Report and Prospects on the Triathlon Competitions at Odaiba Marine Park

imagesThe Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) and the Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Tokyo 2020) announced the results of water quality and temperature survey conducted at Odaiba Marine Park during the Olympic/Paralympic period (July-September).


Former ITU President, Les McDonald, dies at 84 years of age

imagesHonorary President and Founding President of the International Triathlon Union (ITU), Les McDonald, passed away on 4th September. His leadership and incredible dedication brought triathlon to the Olympic Games. Les was such a special person who was an immeasurable compass guiding us along the right way in developing the sport of Triathlon this far in Japan.
We, JTU, express our most sincere condolences.

Support getting Triathlon Mixed Relay into the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games!

imagesIOC Excecutive Board meeting is held on July 9-10, 2017 and IOC will annouce the final program of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
Mixed Team Relay is the innovative triathlon format that most thrilling, energetic and exciting mixed-gender event. The whole Triathlon Family and spectators love to take a part in this event since first introduced to the world in 2009.

JTU Triathlon and Paratriathlon Event Initiative Management Forum

imagesJapan Triathlon Union will host a two-day forum in Tokyo, Japan on 20th-21st June 2017.

Date: Tuesday, 20th June 10:00 - 17:15, Wednesday, 21st June 8:30 - 10:00 Venue: Shinagawa Prince Hotel (34th floor at main tower)

Ai Ueda becomes a member of JOC Athlete Committee

imagesJapan Olympic Committee, JOC, newly established JOC Athlete Committee and six members are elected to the committee by Olympic athletes for a term of four years.
Ai Ueda (Perrier, Green Tower, Bridgestone, Inage Inter) from Triathlon won the election.

WTS age group event was successfully held in Japan

images1674 age group athletes competed in 2017 ITU World Triathlon Series Yokohama on Sunday, 14th May.

14 JTU age ranking champions in 2016 took a part of the event. In the morning, age paratriathlon took place first including Yukako Hata, Keiichi Sato, Atsuko Maruo and Ryu Nakazawa who raced in World Paratriathlon Series yesterday. All of them won the gold medals in their categories.

Mami Tani and Wakako Tsuchida spark in the World Paratriathlon Series Yokohama

images2017 ITU World Paratriathlon Series is held in the venue of Yamashita park in Yokohama today. Mami Tani competed in PTS4 category in Yokoma for the first time since 2013. She wins two gold medals in two weeks after the 2017 Subic Bay ASTC Paratriathlon Asian Championships.


Mario Mola made back-to-back podium

imagesITU World Triathlon Yokohama held in veneu of Yamashita park on Saturday, 13th May. Mario Mola (ESP) wins consective titles at World Triathlon Series, Gold Coast and Yokohama. He got series leadar with the win here in Japan.


Flora Duffy wins gold medal in Yokohama

images2016 World Trithlon Series Champion, Flora Duffy (BER) wins gold at ITU World Triathlon Yokohama in the harsh condition. Rain made the race day a little more challenging for all the women out on the course, but it was Duffy who used it to her advantage to get her first gold of the year.

The first JTU Paratriathlon physical fitness measurement camp

imagesIn two days, several tests were carried out for measuring athletic and functional performance of each paratriathlete. The athletes also attended a lecture themed "Achieving dreams -the process of winning Olympic gold medals-" by professor Mitsuru Sato from Sensyu University, fuculty of Business Administration.

2017 JTU Age Group Triathlon Ranking has started

imagesIshigaki Triathlon 2017 opens Triathlon season in Japan on Sunday, 16 April. It was the first 2017 JTU Age Group Triathlon Ranking event out of 25. Hirotsugu Kuwarhara in men's 35-39, and Kana Matsumoto in Women's 40-44, won gold in overall.
948 athletes participated in standard distance and relay class in hot condition, air temperature 28℃ with 90% humidity.

GREEN TRIATHLON successfully held in Yokohama

imagesOne month prior to the 2017 ITU World Triathlon Series and Paratriathlon Series Yokohama, pre-event, GREEN TRIATHLON, is held in the same venue at Yamashita Park in Yokohama on Saturday, 15 April.

The event is set to increase awareness of the global environment and promote the sastainable world class Triathlon event to locals, visitors and volunteers.

Juri Ide took bronze at 2017 Jewel World Triathlon Gold Coast

imagesJuri Ide getting back on World Triathlon Series podium for the first time since 2014 Chicago Grand Final Triathlon. It was her fourth WTS podium finish.




Gold Coast opens 2017 World Paratriathlon Series season

imagesSince International Triathlon Union set new sport classes in paratriathlon, all Japanese paratriathletes undergo classification before the WPS Gold Coast event. Yukako Hata in women's PTS2 category taking the silver medal and she reaches No. 5 ITU Paratriathlon Ranking.


imagesYuko Takahashi grabs a top eight finish in 2017 New Plymouth ITU Triathlon World Cup

Yuko Takahashi continues improving her performance and made a TOP 8 finish again at another World Cup followed by Miyazaki and Tongyeong. Katie Zaferes (USA) has continued the American domination at the New Plymouth World Cup.

Aoi Kuramoto wins gold in Troutbeck, Zimbabwe

imagesOn Saturday, 1st April 2017, Troutbeck ATU Triathlon African Cup is held in Troutbeck Resort. Four Japanese athletes competed in the standard distance event, and Aoi Kuramoto claimed gold medal. It was first time for her to win the first place at continental cup since 2014 Singapore ASTC Triathlon Asian Cup.

2017 JTU Kick-off meeting held successfully in Tokyo

imagesRyosuke Yamamoto, chairman of JTU Athlete committee, and four-time Olympican, Hirokatsu Tayama made a declaration of the season kick-off to open the meeting on Friday, 24th March.

Shin Otsuka, JTU Senior Managing Director, reviews 2016 ITU/JTU season and informs his inauguration of the ITU vice president to the over 150 participants attended in Ivy Hall in Tokyo.

Four days JTU Paratriathlon Training Camp concluded on Monday, 20th March.

imagesMasamitsu Tomikawa, Leader of JTU Paralympic strategic team, led the 5th JTU Paratriathlon Training Camp with Japan Paracycling Team held in Sports Cycle Center in Izu, Japan with a total of 12 athletes, including four JTU Paratriathlon members and the guide.


The 5th JTU Paratriathlon Training Camp in Shizuoka

imagesJTU Paratriathlon team and Japan Para-Cycling team will be hold training camp together at Cycle Sports Center in Shuzenji, Shizuoka from 17th March to 20th March. It is set to strengthen the team and developing their skills prior to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.


Jumpei Furuya claims 7th place at 2017 Mooloolaba ITU World Cup

imagesAustralian's own Luke Willian and Emma Jackson take top of the podiums on home soil on Saturday, 11 March. Jumpei Furuya had a good swim and bike with the lead group and made a 7th-place finish.



Japan had a very strong showing at CAMTRI American Cup

images2017 Playa Hermosa CAMTRI American Cup is held in Costa Rica on 5 March 2017.

5 out of 6 Japanese athletes got the podium and had a great season kick-off.


imagesAi Ueda got 5th place in the season-opening World Triathlon Series

The World Triathlon Series is held in the Middle Eastern nation for the third consective year on 3-4 March 2017. The brand new speed course is located in the Yas Marina Circuit where the Formula One Abu Dhabi Grand Prix takes place.

imagesJTU Calendar 2017

Now you can find 2017 JTU sanctioned events calendar including the date of Japan Triathlon Championships and NTT Japan Ranking Events.



imagesFirst ITU Event Organisers Conference is held in Budapest, Hungary

More than 110 representants from 32 countries of the endurance, triathlon and multisport organizing committees gathered in Budapest, Hungary, for the first ITU Event Organisers Conference, a three-days long event themed “Triathlon events for the next generation of athletes”.

imagesAi Ueda opend her season with a bronze in Cape Town, South Africa

Ai Ueda scores back-to-back podium finishes in 2017 Cape Town ITU Triathlon World Cup on Saturday, 11 February. It was her third consecutive podium finish since Tongyeong ITU Triathlon World Cup.

2017 Winter Triathlon Series begins in Japan

images2017 Winter Triathlon Series - Tsunami Winter Triathlon - is held in New Greenpia Tsunan in Niigata on 2nd April 2017.This series consist of 2 trial training sessions in advance of the event. On the first stage, participants can practice cross country ski and snow mountain bike followed by time trial event in Kijimadaira, Nagano on 5th February, and the second stage of training session will take place for 2 days in Madarao, Nagano on 4th and 5th March.

ITU Events World Conference Budapest 2017

imagesThe weekend-long conference is themed “Triathlon events for the next generation of athletes”, and is aimed at any triathlon and multisport organizing committee looking to enhance their event, not only ITU event organisers.

The conference, which will be organised in conjunction with the Hungarian Triathlon Federation, will take place over the course of three days from February 24th-26th, 2017 in Budapest, Hungary at the Novotel Hotel.

JTU Paratriathlon Technical Official Seminar

imagesThe seminar goal is Technical Officials (TOs) to experience the practical working situation to develop related learning objectives by using actual tandem bikes and hand cycles etc. Improving their performance and skills to officiating Paratriathlon event as TOs. During this seminar, we will share some issues and on-going projects that each committee has and talk the progress and the solutions. Make sure everybody's on the same page before the new season 2017.

ITU Committee and Executive Board members have been elected

imagesThe ITU Congress was held in Madrid on 11th December 2016. Shinichiro Otsuka, JTU Managing Director and JOC Executive Bord member, has been appointed as ITU Vice President. New officers have been elected as follows. (The term of office is 4years, from 11th December 2016 to 2020 General assembly)


2016 ITU Congress Madrid

The 2016 ITU Congress will take place in Madrid on December 9th to 11th. Shin OTSUKA, Senior Managing Director of JTU, will run for vice president. Other nominations from Japan Triathlon Union members are as follows.



2016 JTU Paratriathlon Meeting

imagesThe annual Paratriathlon Meeting will be held 18th December organized by JTU. It will combine accredited Paratriathlon Meeting.The Meeting will be lead by JTU Paratriathlon Project Team .



International Triathlon Union expands development programme for 2017

imagesThe International Triathlon Union (ITU) is pleased to announce it has expanded its development programme for the 2017 triathlon season.

Next year, athletes from developing and emerging National Federations will have the opportunity to apply for funded travel assistance and coaching support at seven ITU Triathlon World Cups, which is an increase of three races from 2016.

The 6th society for the study of JTU Triathlon

imagesRegistration is open now! Come meet with fellow members and speakers at the 6th society for the study of JTU Triathlon on Monday 9th January 2017. For more details, please click here.



Snowy Mountains ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships closed the 2016 ITU season

images2016 ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships was held in the Snowy Mountains, New South Wales, Australia on 18th November.
Located in the heart of Australia’s High County, and starting at an altitude of 1100m with Australia’s highest peak, Mt Kosciusko as the backdrop, this course will both delight and challenge athletes of all levels. 6 age group Japanese athletes completed the exciting course.
For Elite women’s race, the title was taken by Flora Duffy (BER) who has got a triple crown of ITU world championship title in 2016. For men’s race, Ruben Ruzafa (ESP) claimed Three-Peat.
Click here to view the event details.

Ai Ueda has finished 2016 on a high winning at home in front of a parochial crowd

imagesFor the second week in a row Ai Ueda, Summer Cook (USA) and Renee Tomlin (USA) sweep the podium in 2016 Miyazaki ITU Triathlon World Cup on 29th October.
Four Japanese athletes, Sena, Yuko and Yuka made a Top 10 finish out of 12.

Uxio Abuin Ares has won second consecutive ITU World Cups for the first time

imagesUxio Abuin Ares(ESP) captured back to back win while the other two podium spots were earned by Joao Silva (POR) and Gregory Billington (USA).
11 Japanese male athletes competed in the race held in their home country on Saturday, 29th October.

Miyazaki National Training Center tour held in Sports Land Miyazaki

imagesMiyazaki city is the ideal destination for training camps and clinics. On the race week of the first world Cup in Miyazaki, all international coaches and event organizers who are attending the race invited to National Training Center tour on Friday, 28th October. It was organized and cooperated by Fenix Seagaia Resort, Miyazaki Prefectural Government and JTU.

2016 JTU Coach Symposium held in Shinagawa Prince Hotel in Tokyo

imagesThe annual JTU Coach Symposium took place the day after the Triathlon National Championships in Odaiba, Tokyo. Over 170 coaches, athletes and technical officials attended from different regions of Japan including JTU High Performance Coaching Committee.


Hirokatsu Tayama became the first ten times National Champion

imagesOn the same day of women's race on Sunday 9th October, men's race took place at same place at 11:30am. The weather turned a bit better but still shower rain continued.
Some of front athletes slipped during 40km bike, however, soon after they were able to re-join the race. Hirokatsu Tayama took his 10th gold medal of National Championships, followed by Jyumpei Furuya. Yuichi Hosoda beated Shiruba Taniguchi at the finish chute and took the bronze medal.

Ai Ueda won the National Champion title fifth times

images22nd edition of the Triathlon National Championships was held in Odaiba, Tokyo on 9th October. For the women's event, the weather conditions was very rough with wind and heavy rain, however, Ai Ueda conquered and secured the title. Yuko Takahashi came at 2nd and Sena Takahashi made her first-ever podium finish at National Championships.

Triathlon National Championships will be held in Odaiba this weekend!

images121 selected athletes are competing in the draft-legal format for the 1.5km swim, 40km bike and 10km run event to determine National Champion in Odaiba, Tokyo on Sunday 9th October. With this final event of NTT Japan Ranking Circuit, the 2016 Japan Ranking Champion will be crowned. Elite women starts at 8:25am and Elite men starts at 11:00am JST.

JOC Talent Transfer Trial - Triathlon Programme -

imagesJOC High Performance Headquarter set a goal of increasing numbers of medalist at Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. As part of athlete enhancement programme, JTU together with Japan Association of Athletic Federations and Japan Swimming Federation, to direct talented athlete to a better suited sport. The first Triathlon Talent Identification Programme will take place on 28 November 2016 and the second will be held in February next year.

2016 JTU Coach Symposium

imagesThe annual Coach Symposium will be held the day after 22nd Triathlon National Championships on Monday, 10th October organized by JTU. It will combine accredited coach training seminar. The symposium will be lead by JTU Leadership training committee and information strategy of Medical Science Committee.

Triathlon made its National Sports Festival debut in Iwate

images186 athletes competed in standard-distance Triathlon at Nehama Beach in Kamaishi City on 2nd October. Each athlete represented their prefectures which they lived or worked. The first-ever Triathlon National Sports Festival champions Jumpei Furuya and Ai Ueda brought the gold medal to their Teams.

Japanese dominates podium at 2016 Murakami NTT ASTC Triathlon Asian Cup

images40km one loop bike course was hard for athletes to a successful breakaway. The lead group stayed together until the run segment started. Yuko Takahashi and Jyumpei Furuya did almost the same performance and won the Asian Cup titles on Sunday 25th September in Murakami.


Aoi Kuramoto finished 7th and earned ITU points in Salinas World Cup

imagesThree more World Cups to end the season, 35 female athletes raced sprint-distance triathlon in Salinas, Ecuador on 25th September. Kirsten Kasper from USA earned gold medal followed by Summer Cook and Gillian Sanders took bronze.


Henri Schoeman, RSA ends his season with first ever Grand Final gold in Mexico

imagesMany of athletes suffered from the Mexican heat condition. Brownlee brothers were no exception either. Alistair helped his young brother to cross the line and finished 3rd. The dramatic race brought Mola for the crown of the Columbia Threadneedle ITU World Triathlon Series Rankings. Jumpei Furuya wrapped up the series with position 26th and Hirokatsu Tayama finished 55th.

8 age-group team members ranked top 8 in their categories at 2016 World Championships

images2016 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Cozumel - age group events took place on Sunday 18th September.
51 Japan National Team Triathletes competed in standard-distance triathlon in the tropical weather condition. Yutaka Iba - 65-69 Male and Nobuko Mita - 70-74 Female winning bronze.

Ai Ueda finishes her season with 5th place at the Grand Final Cozumel

imagesAi made another history at Cozumel in Mexico on Saturday 17th September. With the final result of World Triathlon Series, she got third overall in the Columbia Threadneedle Rankings. It is the highest any Japanese athlete has ever finished. Other Japanese athletes, Yuka Sato finished 25th, Aoi Kuramoto 28th, Yuko Takahashi 35th and Juri Ide 39th.

Spain team on top of the podium for 2016 ITU Under23/Junior Mixed Relay World Championship

images16 teams represented their countries and competed in the unique mixed relay format. Each relay member completed a 250m swim, 5km bike and 1.6km run tagging off in order of woman-man-woman-man. Japanese team, Minami Kubono, Ryosuke Maeda, Fuka Sega and Shiruba Taniguchi, finished 8th.The Mixed Relay discipline is considered to be added for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games sport program.

Minami Kubono finished 8th at Junior World Championships

imagesWorld class Junior female athletes competed in sprint-distance triathlon in Cozumel, Mexico, on Friday 16th September. Taylor Knibb, 2016 USA Jr. National Champion took World Championships title. Fuka Sega in 18th place and Yuki Sugihara in 39th place in overall.


Result of Junior Men's World Championships

images72 Jr. male athletes raced in very hot Mexican condition with water temperature 29.0ºC and air 35.2ºC on 16th September. Austin Hindman USA took gold followed by Charles Paquet CAN and Ben Dijkstra GBR. Genta Uchida finished 34th as the top Japanese athlete.


Van Egdom took home the U23 World Championships title

imagesThe men’s Under 23 World Championships opened the first triathlon World Championships at the 2016 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Cozumel Grand Final on 15th September. On the last lap of the bike, Ryousuke Maeda, Shiruba Taniguchi with Van Egdom and Sylvain Fridelance successfully made 40-seconds gap over the bunch of athletes off the bike. Shiruba finished 14th and Ryosuke finished 34th at the end.

How to follow the 2016 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Cozumel's action

imagesThe Grand Final race week is on! The elite women will get the ITU World Triathlon Championships Cozueml underway at 5:30am on Sunday September 18, while the elite men will follow the next day on Monday at 5:00am Japanese time. Follow the races live at triathlonlive.tv and on twitter @triathlonlive.

Over 200 Japan National Team members racing on the world stage

imagesJapan Triathlon Union dispatches top Japanese athletes, Elite, U23, Jr. and age group athletes, to 2016 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Cozumel held in 11-18 September in Mexico and 2016 Oklahoma ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Championships held in 24 September in United States.


Results of 2016 Rio de Janeiro Paralympic Games

Paratriathletes selected to Rio de Janeiro Paralympic GamesFollowed by the men's event yesterday, women's PT2, PT4 and PT5 sport class took the best opportunity to showcase Paratriathlon to the world in the most famous beach, Copacabana Beach, in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday, 11th September 2016. PT2, Yukako Hata ranked 6th and Atsuko Yamada, PT5 with her guide Yu Nishiyama ranked 9th.
More details:

Paratriathlon debut in Rio de Janeiro Paralympic Games a success

Paratriathletes selected to Rio de Janeiro Paralympic GamesHistory has been made for Paratriathlon on Saturday 10th September 2016.
Men's PT1, PT2 and PT4 categories showcased one of the best sport at Paralympic Games. Japan National Team, Jyumpei Kimura finished top 10 in PT1 while Keiichi Sato finished 11th in PT4.
More details:

5 days to go to Paralympic Triathlon event at Rio 2016

Paratriathletes selected to Rio de Janeiro Paralympic GamesWith the Rio de Janeiro Paralympic Games set to start this week, women's and men's start lists have been released. The details of official competition's schedule and Japan National Team are here.



Summer Cook and Jonathan Brownlee takes the top of the podium at World Triathlon Series Edmonton

Paratriathletes selected to Rio de Janeiro Paralympic GamesAfter hot and humid climate in Rio, athletes faced Canadian Autumn condition in Edmonton and challenged the sprint distance course with air temperature 12.7ºC and water temperature 16.7ºC.


...Read more

Brownlee brother's home town Leeds ready to host the World Triathlon SeriesJTU office closed for Summer Holidays

Please note that JTU office will be closed 12 to 16 August and will reopen on Thursday, 17 August.
For immediate assistance please send an email at jtuoffice01@jtu.or.jp
We wish you all the warmest of holiday cheer!

Japanese gets Gold medal at FISU World University Triathlon Championships for first time in history

Brownlee brother's home town Leeds ready to host the World Triathlon SeriesYuko Takahashi scored gold at the 13th World University Triathlon Championships held in Nyon, Switzerland on 7th August 2016. It was her third time participating in the Championships and she finally took the top of podium. 

...Read more

2016 Montreal ITU Triathlon World Cup Results

Brownlee brother's home town Leeds ready to host the World Triathlon SeriesIn the last ITU World Cup titles before the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games go to Flora Duffy (BER) and Kristian Blummenfelt (NOR).
Jumpei Furuya came to T1 in 6th place and successfully managed to race in the leader group on bike.

...Read more

Olympic triathlon start lists revealed

Brownlee brother's home town Leeds ready to host the World Triathlon SeriesWith the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games set to open this Friday, the ITU has released the men’s and women’s triathlon numbered start lists. The men’s Olympic triathlon will be contested on August 18, while the women will take to Copacabana Beach on August 20.


Full results of 2016 Rotterdam ITU Paratriathlon World Championships

Brownlee brother's home town Leeds ready to host the World Triathlon Series7 Japanese Paratriathlon National Team members competed in Rotterdam on Sunday 24th July. Flat but very technical with two U-turns each lap on bike, unpaved road on run made the race very difficult. PT1: 12th Jyumpei Kimura, PT2: 10th Kenshiro Nakayama, PT3: 6th Hideki Uda, PT4: 11th Keiichi Sato, PT5: 12th Ryu Nakazawa, PT2: 5th Yukako Hata, PT5 7th Atsuko Yamada
You can find the race review and highlight video here:

Ai Ueda finishes TOP7 at ITU World Triathlon Hamburg

Brownlee brother's home town Leeds ready to host the World Triathlon SeriesKatie Zaferes, USA gets her first ever WTS gold medal in her career. For men, Mario Mola, ESP earns another victory and back to the top of WTS podium.
Ai ranked seventh in Hamburg represented her fifth consecutive top ten finish at World Triathlon Series in this season. With this result, she moved the Columbia Threadneedle rankings 4th with 2736points.

Paratriathletes selected to Rio de Janeiro Paralympic Games

Paratriathletes selected to Rio de Janeiro Paralympic GamesTriathlon makes its Paralympic Games debut in Rio. A total of 60 athletes will race for Paralympic gold on September 10-11 in the women’s PT2, PT4 and PT5 and the men’s PT1, PT2 and PT4 sport classes. Japan Triathlon Union is pleased to announce the National Team member for Rio de Janeiro Paralympic Games as follows.
PT2, Yukako Hata - Mars Flag, INAGE Inter, Chiba
PT5, Atsuko Yamada - ALCARE, Hyogo
PT1 Jumpei Kimura - NTT East, Tokyo ...Read more

World-class triathletes get ready for another World Triathlon Series in Stockholm

Brownlee brother's home town Leeds ready to host the World Triathlon SeriesThe strong Spanish men's athletes and Blownlee brothers, also top-ranked women's athletes, Flora Duffy, Jodie Stimpson and Andrea Hewitt will compete in two-lap 1500m swim, eight-lap 38.2km bike, and 10km run event on this Saturday. 8 Japanese athletes toe the line including Rio Olympic National Team, Ai Ueda, Yurie Kato and Yuka Sato. Due to the low water temperature, wetsuit swim is expected.
Watch the race live at TriathlonLIVE Women's race starts at 23:00 on 2nd July followed by men's race at 01:51am on 3rd July - JST.
Men's race preview: Women's race preview:

Aussies take top step of the podiums in Gamagori

Brownlee brother's home town Leeds ready to host the World Triathlon SeriesDeclan Wilson and Jaz Hedgeland from Australia get the gold medal at 2016 Gamagori NTT ASTC Triathlon Asian Cup.
Yuko Takahashi, Mariko Adachi and Hirokatsu Tayama claim podium finish.

See the full results:

Sato Keiichi finishes 6th in the final race of Paralympic qualification opportunity

Brownlee brother's home town Leeds ready to host the World Triathlon SeriesDue to flooded river and strong currents, the 2016 ITU Besancon World Paratriathlon Event turned to Duathlon with 2.5km Run, 22km Bike and 5km Run on 19th June 2016. France dominate in the race, collect 5 gold medals out of 9. It was the final race of the one-year Paralympic qualification period.
Full results:

Asian Cup is coming back to Gamagori, Japan, this weekend

Brownlee brother's home town Leeds ready to host the World Triathlon SeriesGamagori city hosts the 5th stop of the 2016 ASTC Triathlon Asian Cup on Sunday, 26th June.
For the men's race, Top10 Japanese athletes will toe the line with Australian's promising young athletes, including 2016 Oceanian Champion Marcel Walkington.
While Yuko Takahashi, Aoi Kuramoto and Mariko Adachi are aiming for the Asian Cup title in their country.
Men's start list, Women's start list

Brownlee brother's home town Leeds ready to host the World Triathlon SeriesAi Ueda earns another World Triathlon Series' points with the 8th place in Leeds

The new course was tested by top ranked athletes in Leeds on 12th June. Gwen Jorgensen claims her second consecutive win and her 17th WTS gold of her career. Ai Ueda ranked 8th, while Juri Ide ranked 12th, Yurie Kato 19th, Yuko Takahashi 20th and Aoi Kuramomo 26th. For Elite Men, Brownlee brothers took hometown the gold and silver medals. Alistair enjoyed the moment grabbing the winner's tape and his younger brother Jonathan joined in on the celebrations. Jumpei Furuya finished 32th and Kohei Tsubaki finished 36th over all.
The race review and result men, Women

Brownlee brother's home town Leeds ready to host the World Triathlon SeriesBrownlee brother's home town Leeds ready to host the World Triathlon Series

From Japan, Jumpei Furuya, Kohei Tsubaki, Ai Ueda, Yuko Takahashi, Yurie Kato, Ide Juri and Aoi Kuramoto will line up at the 2016 ITU World Triathlon Leeds. The Elite women race will take place at 21:00JST and while Elite men will follow at 23:45JST on Sunday 12th June.
Women's race review, Men's race review

Hideki Uda, PT3, captures a third consecutive podium finish in 2016Hideki Uda, PT3, captures a third consecutive podium finish in 2016

Another ITU World Paratriathlon Event was held in Strathclyde, Great Britain on Sunday 5th June. Hideki Uda finished 2nd overall behind the 2015 Grand Final Champion, Oliver Dreier, AUT. Atsuko Yamada finished 3rd in PT5 women and Keiichi Sato ranked 6th in PT4 men.
Race results

The bronze medal was awarded to Japan's own Ai Ueda at World Triathlon Series YokohamaMario Mola returned to the top step in Yokohama, after finishing fourth in WTS Cape Town

Mario Mola extends his lead in the 2016 Columbia Threadneedle Rankings with the win at World Triathlon Yokohama on 14th May 2016. While the other two podium spots were earned by Mexico's Crisanto Grajales and Norway's Kristian Blummenfelt. Kohei Tsubaki finished 31th as the top Japanese athlete in over all.
Full results

The bronze medal was awarded to Japan's own Ai Ueda at World Triathlon Series YokohamaThe bronze medal was awarded to Japan's own Ai Ueda at World Triathlon Series Yokohama

After the 32 minutes of the run, Gwen Jorgensen (USA) recorded another WTS win and Ashleigh Gentle (AUS) took silver. Ai Ueda took her first WTS podium since second place finished in Yokohama two years ago. Yuka Sato finished 18th, Yuko Takahashi 35th and Minami Kubono 40th.
Full results

Ryu Nakazawa takes on the top of podium in PT5 men's categoryRyu Nakazawa takes on the top of podium in PT5 men's category

Ryu Nakazawa gets gold medal with his guide Yutaro Harada at 2016 Yokohama ITU World Paratriathlon Event on Saturday 14th May in Yokohama, Japan. A total of 56 athletes competing in PT1- PT5 categories including some of the world's best taking to the course as they too looked to earn spots at the Rio Olympic Games or build on their preparations for the biggest event of the year. Result here

HirokatsuTayama became the 2016 Asian Champion in MenJTU announce the National Team for 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games

The three slots for Elite Women go to Ai Ueda, Yurie Kato and Yuka Sato. For Elite Men, Hirokatsu Tayama is selected in the national team member.


HirokatsuTayama became the 2016 Asian Champion in MenHirokatsuTayama became the 2016 Asian Champion in Men

Hirokatsu Tayama JPN grabs Rio de Janeiro Olympic slot by winning 2016 Hatsukaichi ASTC Triathlon Asian Championships on 30th April. He becomes the first Japanese Triathlete to participate in the Olympic Games four times in a row. Faquan Bai CHN placed 2nd and Ji Hwan Kim KOR finished 3rd.

HirokatsuTayama became the 2016 Asian Champion in MenJapanese Elite women dominate the podium

Defending Asian Champion Ai Ueda wins at 2016 Hatsukaichi Asian Championships on 30th April. 2nd Yurie Kato and 3rd Yuka Sato.



Women's result for 2016 WTS Cape Town2016 Hatsukaichi ASTC Triathlon Asian Championships Race Results

HirokatsuTayama became the 2016 Asian Champion in Men by finishing the race with one hour 55' 16" , securing one Olympic slot to Rio for Japan,and it will be the 4th consecutive Olympics for him.

Minami Kubono secured 2nd place in Jr. WomenMinami Kubono secured 2nd place in Jr. Women

Top 3 places of Jr. women were taken by Hye Rim Jeong KOR, Minami Kubono JPN and Solji Om KOR in Hatsukaichi ASTC Triathlon Asian Championships. Other Japanese athletes got 4th-Fuka Sega, 5th-Nanami Nakayama, 6th-Mina Edamitsu, 8th-Yuki Sugihara and 9th-Konami Ushioda.

Japanese paratriathletes won in seven of the 8 featured races in Asian ChampionshipsJapanese paratriathletes won in seven of the 8 featured races in Asian Championships

28 Paratriathletes competed Hatsukaichi ASTC Triathlon Asian Championships on 29th April in Japan. The winners are; Men PT1 Jumpei Kimura, PT2 Kenshiro Nakayama, PT3 Jiachao Wang, PT4 Keiichi Sato, PT5 Ryu Nakazawa and Women PT2 Yukako Hata, PT4 Mami Tani, PT5 Atsuko Yamada.

Women's result for 2016 WTS Cape TownAi Ueda 7th and Yurie Kato 8th at the final Olympic National Team qualification event in Cape Town

Great Britain duo, Non Stanford and Jodie Stimpson, took a 1-2 podium finish followed by Flora Duffy in World Triathlon Cape Town.
Ai Ueda and Yurie Kato made their top 10 finish while Yuko Takahashi 19th, Yuka Sato 21st, Aoi Kuramoto 37th in the fast and energetic sprint-distance format.

Women's result for 2016 WTS Cape TownThe Japanes Olympic hopes line up at WTS Cape Town for Rio

One of the National Team qualification events for Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, WTS Cape Town will be held on Sunday 24th April in South Africa.
Japan's favourite Ai Ueda, Jyuri Ide, Yuka Sato, Yuko Takahashi, Aoi Kuramoto and Yurie Kato aiming to secure the qualification slots for Rio 2016.

Full Start List Women and Men

Women's result for 2016 WTS Gold CoastCheck the complete result for 2016 ITU World Triathlon Gold Coast

Helen Jenkins and Mario Mola win at the second stop of the 2016 ITU World Triathlon Series in Gold Coast on Saturday 9th April.

Yuka Sato ranked 32nd followed by Yuko Takahashi and Ai Ueda finished 39th. For Men, Jyunpei Furuya was 39th.

The ITU World Triathlon Series will resume in Cape Town, South Africa on April 24.

Women's result for 2016 WTS Abu Dhabi Friday 29th April 2016, Qualification Race for the Rio 2016 Olympic

(Media registration and press conference schedule for 2016 Hatsukaichi ASTC Triathlon Asian Championship)


Women's result for 2016 WTS Abu Dhabi Media registration for 2016 ITU World Triathlon Yokohama and ITU World Paratriathlon Event

- National Team qualification events for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic and Paralympic Games -

Women's result for 2016 WTS Abu Dhabi Women's result for 2016 WTS Abu Dhabi

Claiming her first WTS victory since 2014, Great Britain's Jodie Stimpson finally earned her way back to the top of the podium by winning the first race of the season at the 2016 ITU World Triathlon Abu Dhabi.
Ai Ueda ranked 39th overall and finished as the No.1 Japanese followed by Yuka Sato. Aoi Kuramoto placed 49th.

View Men's result for 2016 ITU World Triathlon Abu DhabiView Men's result for 2016 ITU World Triathlon Abu Dhabi

Mario Mola gets a back to back title in Abu Dhabi!
His fourth win at ITU World Triathlon Series finishing ahead of training partner Richard Murray and Portugal's Joao Silva.
Japanese athletes Kohei Tsubaki placed 40th while Junpei Furuya finished 47th.

Open up the 2016 WTS series in Abu Dhabi.

Open up the 2016 WTS series in Abu Dhabi.

2016 ITU World Triathlon Series kicking off in Abu Dhabi on 5th March. The season opener event is held in the Middle Eastern city featuring the standard distance format.Seven Japanese athletes are racing for a chance of earning the points going into Rio. Men will start first at 18:00 and women will compete at 21:00. (JST)
Open up the 2016 WTS series in Abu Dhabi.

Winter Scene of Ai UEDA, High Performance Triathlete, Japan Triathlon Union(JTU)

Here's a brief look at Ai Ueda's recent social activities in Japan.
She appeared at the ceremony on Coming of Age day to celebrate young people who turned to be 20 years old in the City of Yokohama which has been hosting ITU WTS events over 7 years now...










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