International Triathlon Union

Notice of Cancelation of 2018 Takamatsu NTT ASTC Sprint Triathlon Asian Cup & Support Takamatsu Triathlon


Saturday, 7th July 2018
Hiroshi Namba
Chairman of Sunport Takamatsu Triathlon executive committee


We have to inform that 2018 Takamatsu NTT ASTC Sprint Triathlon Asian Cup and Support Takamatsu Triathlon have to cancel with hard decision, which is going to be held on 8th July.
According to the executive committee’s regulation on alarm, swim segment should be cancelled, and due to not to maintaining safety condition, we decided that all races have to cancel. We apologize that we could not held the event and hope to understand why we have to cancel the event.
In addition to that, we deeply apologies all sponsors, supporters, especially Takamatsu citizens and staff members to support this event.
We have been discussing changing the elite race course under the condition of heavy rain alerts, warning of flood and thunder storm which announced 6th July. We had flood alert today and heavy rain alert will continue until 6 am tomorrow morning. According to the weather forecast, it would be worse time by time.
We have been discussing whether we could do the event or not since the early dawn 8th July. There is not any good fortune for recovering weather. There are some people whip are secured at shelters, we confirmed a lot of driftwood and garbage on the swim course. That’s why we have a conclusion to cancel the event.
We apologize again to take time to decide the cancellation. We are looking forward to seeing all of you at next year’s event.

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