International Triathlon Union

Yokohama WTS LOC, First Organization Nominated for World Triathlon Women’s Committee Award of Excellence


Since 2012, World Triathlon Women’s Committee has been awarding individuals/groups in recognition of their contribution in furthering women’s participation in triathlon or a role model for women and girls who demonstrated outstanding accomplishments in the development of the sport.

For the 2020 Award, the Japan Triathlon Union nominated the local organizing committee of the World Triathlon Series Yokohama (Main Partners: ENEOS, LAWSON, NTT EAST) for their dedication in creating the event attractive to women of various generations.

In 2012, WTS Yokohama acquired the certification of ISO20121 (International Standard for the Sustainability of Event Management), and their declaration of taking initiatives in the sustainable involvement of women in the event led them to implement various measures in enhancing female participation. Also, they are highly evaluated for their attempts in nurturing girls as well as boys who may potentially become supporters of sports events such as WTS Yokohama through their “Kids Project.”

The past awardees have all been outstanding women (individuals) from Europe, Americas, Africa and Oceania. If the Yokohama LOC wins the award, it will be the first for Asia and the first non-individual to receive the honor.

The nomination will be reviewed by the sub-committee which includes independent experts and the award will be presented at the annual World Triathlon Congress scheduled at the end of November.

Past winners of World Triathlon Women’ s Committee Award of Excellence:

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