International Triathlon Union

Announcement of 2023 Asia Triathlon U23/Junior Championships Gamagori


The Japan Triathlon Union (President: Mitsuhide Iwaki) has reached the decision to hold the 2023 Asia Triathlon U23/Junior Championships in Gamagori City, Aichi Prefecture (Organizer: Gamagori Triathlon Organizing Committee; Co-organizers: The Chunichi Shimbun, etc.).
During these events, the Asia Triathlon Congress and the 35th Gamagori Orange Triathlon for age-groupers will also be organized. Entries for overseas age-groupers are to be arranged.

1.Name of Events
2023 Asia Triathlon Junior Championships Gamagori
2023 Asia Triathlon U23 Championships Gamagori
* to be held concurrently with the Gamagori Orange Triathlon and the Asia Triathlon Congress

23-25 Jun, 2023

Gamagori City, Aichi Prefecture

4.Event Distances
U23:51.5 km(Swim:1.5 km/Bike:40.0 km/Run:10.0 km)
Junior:25.75 km(Swim:0.75 km/Bike:20.0 km/Run:5.0 km)
Mixed Relay:7.3 km(Swim 0.3 km / Bike 5 km / Run 2 km)× 4
Age Group:Standard Distance; Sprint Distance; Team Relay, etc.

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