International Triathlon Union

2024 Triathlon/Para Triathlon Technical Officials Seminar


JTU Triathlon / Para Triathlon Technical Officials Seminar Jointly organized by the JTU Technical Committee, Referee Committee, and the EDI Committee

2024 Triathlon/Para Triathlon Technical Officials Seminar will be jointly held with JTU’s EDI Committee. The goal of the Technical Officials Seminar is to report on the officiating activities in and outside the country, to share technical information, and to upgrade the skills of the technical officials. In addition, the 2024 seminar will be a learning opportunity to be more sensitive to diversity in competition organization, to deepen our understanding of LGBTQ+SOGIE as well as to utilize the knowledge to conduct competitions in a fair and impartial manner.

– Date: January 14 (Sun), 2024 13:00~17:00
– Format: Online for participants outside Japan (Japanese-English
simultaneous translation will be provided)
– Maximum number of participants: 200
– Participation fee: Free of charge
– Organizer: The Japan Triathlon Union (JTU)
– Planning & Execution: JTU Technical Committee / Referee Committee /
EDI Committee / Seminar & Forum Committee
– Funded by JOC International Referee Development Program


13:00~13:15 Greetings by the Organizers
Kimiya Nakai, JTU Vice President
13:15~13:20 Prior Explanation
JTU Secretariat
13:20~14:00 “Rules and Protocols in and outside Japan surrounding Competition Participation-focusing on transgender issues-”
Shin Fujiyama, Specially-Appointed Researcher, Diversity Promotion Section, Tokyo Metropolitan University
14:00~14:20 “Current Status of World Triathlon Transgender Athletes Inclusion Policy Process”
Tomoko Wada, JTU Managing Director/EDI Committee Chair
14:20~14:50 “Point of view from LGBTQ Athlete on The Operation of Competition”
Masayo Mishima, EDI Committee Member
14:50~15:05 Break
15:05~15:25 Report on the 2023 JTU Technical Official Overseas Dispatching Project
(2023 Europe Triathlon Cup and Mediterranean Championships
Ceuta) /

Kohji Washizuka, Tokyo Metropolitan Triathlon Union (TMTU)
15:30~16:20 Report on the Asia TO Development Project (2023/Miyazaki)
Koji Koganezawa, JTU Technical Committee Deputy Chair
Participants: Leow Jo Lene (Malaysia); Rosalina Pascual (Philippines); Ponkrit Manatpon (Thailand)
– Activity Report on the JTU Technical/Referee Committees’ Safety Measures Project / Masatoshi Kon, JTU Technical Committee Deputy Chair
16:25~16:55 Activity Report on the JTU Technical/Referee Committees’ Safety Measures Project
Masatoshi Kon, JTU Technical Committee Deputy Chair
16:55~17:00 Closing remarks
Yoshifumi Kishida, JTU Managing Director/Seminar & Forum Committee Chair

*The Program is subject to change.

Those who are interested in participating should make sure to register via the following site by January 8 (Mon) in order to receive the zoom link for the seminar:
  *Registration is on a first-come first-served basis (deadline: Jan. 8; free of charge)

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