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21 March, 2017

Four days JTU Paratriathlon Training Camp concluded on Monday, 20 March

Masamitsu Tomikawa, Leader of JTU Paralympic strategic team, led the 5th JTU Paratriathlon Training Camp at Sports Cycle Center in Izu, Japan with a total of 12 athletes, including four JTU Paratriathlon members and the guide. The trainig camp was held with Japan Paracycling Team.

Both teams shared their knowledge and experience during the camp and had a productive and high-intensity training.


JTU Paratriathlon Team Meeting


Meeting with Paracyaling Team - at Velodrome in Cycle Sports Center in Izu, Japan

Steady state bike ride on 5 km hilly bike course

20 minutes high intensity training with Wattbike

Easy run


Interval bike training on 1 km circuit course

Time Trial - men: 5 km and women: 3 km×3


Steady state bike ride on 1 km circuit course

Time Trial - men: 15 km and women: 5 km


JTU Paratriathlon certified athletes' list (in Japanese)



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