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東京都 パラリンピック選手発掘プログラム
Re: Accident Occurrence during the 2017 Miyazaki National Team Training Camp
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2017 Winter Triathlon Series begins in Japan

images2017 Winter Triathlon Series - Tsunami Winter Triathlon - is held in New Greenpia Tsunan in Niigata on 2nd April 2017.This series consist of 2 trial training sessions in advance of the event. On the first stage, participants can practice cross country ski and snow mountain bike followed by time trial event in Kijimadaira, Nagano on 5th February, and the second stage of training session will take place for 2 days in Madarao, Nagano on 4th and 5th March.

ITU Events World Conference Budapest 2017

imagesThe weekend-long conference is themed “Triathlon events for the next generation of athletes”, and is aimed at any triathlon and multisport organizing committee looking to enhance their event, not only ITU event organisers.

The conference, which will be organised in conjunction with the Hungarian Triathlon Federation, will take place over the course of three days from February 24th-26th, 2017 in Budapest, Hungary at the Novotel Hotel.

JTU Paratriathlon Technical Official Seminar

imagesThe seminar goal is Technical Officials (TOs) to experience the practical working situation to develop related learning objectives by using actual tandem bikes and hand cycles etc. Improving their performance and skills to officiating Paratriathlon event as TOs. During this seminar, we will share some issues and on-going projects that each committee has and talk the progress and the solutions. Make sure everybody's on the same page before the new season 2017.

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