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2016 JTU Coach Symposium held in Shinagawa Prince Hotel in Tokyo

imagesThe annual JTU Coach Symposium took place the day after the Triathlon National Championships in Odaiba, Tokyo. Over 170 coaches, athletes and technical officials attended from different regions of Japan including JTU High Performance Coaching Committee.

Hirokatsu Tayama became the first ten times National Champion

imagesOn the same day of women's race on Sunday 9th October, men's race took place at same place at 11:30am. The weather turned a bit better but still shower rain continued.
Some of front athletes slipped during 40km bike, however, soon after they were able to re-join the race. Hirokatsu Tayama took his 10th gold medal of National Championships, followed by Jyumpei Furuya. Yuichi Hosoda beated Shiruba Taniguchi at the finish chute and took the bronze medal.

Ai Ueda won the National Champion title fifth times

images22nd edition of the Triathlon National Championships was held in Odaiba, Tokyo on 9th October. For the women's event, the weather conditions was very rough with wind and heavy rain, however, Ai Ueda conquered and secured the title. Yuko Takahashi came at 2nd and Sena Takahashi made her first-ever podium finish at National Championships.

JOC Talent Transfer Trial - Triathlon Programme -

imagesJOC High Performance Headquarter set a goal of increasing numbers of medalist at Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. As part of athlete enhancement programme, JTU together with Japan Association of Athletic Federations and Japan Swimming Federation, to direct talented athlete to a better suited sport. The first Triathlon Talent Identification Programme will take place on 28 November 2016 and the second will be held in February next year.

2016 JTU Coach Symposium

imagesThe annual Coach Symposium will be held the day after 22nd Triathlon National Championships on Monday, 10th October organized by JTU. It will combine accredited coach training seminar. The symposium will be lead by JTU Leadership training committee and information strategy of Medical Science Committee.

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